Chaos Kukri

Chaos Kukri

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    Weight: 28 oz.
    Blade Thickness: 4.5 mm
    Blade Length: 12 1/2"
    Handle: 6" Long. 6061 Aluminum
    Overall: 18 1/2"
    Steel: SK-5 High Carbon
    Sheath: Secure-Ex™ Sheath

    Military service men and women on modern-day battlefields are more heavily equipped than ever. Innovations in rigging and materials, coupled with equipment, weapons and tools mean virtually every inch of real estate in a soldier's kit needs to be carefully considered. Our Chaos series fixed blades aim to fill some of that precious space with a truly hard-wearing combat knife.

    Taking inspiration from the classic "Trench Knives" from both World Wars of the last century, we have developed a series of new tactical fixed blades that are suitable for the challenges faced by today's modern day warriors.

    Our CHAOS series fixed blades are equipped with unique "D" ring guards made from reinforced 6061 aluminum, allowing for an incredibly secure and comfortable grip while protecting the hand both from incoming attack and damage while striking or cutting an opponent who's covered in body armor, ammo, flashlights, magazines and gear!

    Their extra thick 1055 carbon steel pommels are tapered to concentrate the percussive force of a hammering strike, and their full tang SK-5 High Carbon steel blades are expertly heat treated for maximum performance.

    Available in Tanto, Double Edge and Kukri blade configurations (three of our most popular blade shapes with Military units) the CHAOS series combine maximum safety and security with extreme performance and combat potential.

    Their tough Secure-Ex sheaths are MOLLE-Lok and Tek Lok compatible, with rugged adjustable Cor-Ex™ belt loops and retaining straps for a secure and reliable lock up when not in use.

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    I love ❤ this kukri so much I bought two of them! An easy 5star rating. Each and every detail surpasses customer demands. From the grip to the sheath is well done. I can not find a single issue with this product. It is my favorite kukri of all time.

    Since I bought two of them, I used one to experiment with. I sawed off the knuckle-guard and blended/polished the remaining grip with a dremmel tool. I sand the black on the grip and blade to give it a distressed look...

    Now to the torture test. I beat the hell out of this blade. The grip remained secure and the blade kept its sharp edge no matter what demand's I put on it...

    After this torture test and after my close inspection of the blade, I used it to butcher five hogs(I live on a farm). This kukri made for some fast work on this project...

    If you have any complaints about this kukri you don't know how to use it! I do...
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    i just bought one of these i havent had a chance to test it out yet but im sure gonna this thing is A MONSTER its big and its heavy for a one handed blade
    straight from the box this was shaving sharp i look forward to seeing what this can do
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