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    Trench Hawk$42.99
    Extra Handle$5.99

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    Suggested Retail: $65.99

    Overall Length: 19"
    Hawk Length: 8 3/4"
    Primary Edge: 3 1/2"
    Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
    Weight: 24 oz
    Handle: Polypropylene
    Sheath: Durable Polypropylene Sheath

    Our Trench Hawk may well be the perfect antidote to the raw terror of eyeball to eyeball combat in the confined spaces of a trench, bunker, alley or narrow hallway.

    All it takes is one stroke from either the vicious cutting edge or its brutal wedge shaped spike to end the fight, and if the party starts at longer range the Trench Hawk's twin "business ends" make an accurate throw a breeze, since there's double the chance of a lethal hit. When used defensively, the Trench Hawk's cutting edge and spike also provide a big advantage, as either can be used for hooking or trapping and, like our Spike Hawk, their combined length can be used to parry or block an incoming blow.

    Drop forged from 5150 carbon steel and differentially hardened, the head of the Trench Hawk will withstand tremendous blows and the awful stress of continued throwing.

    The handle of the Trench Hawk is also highly resistant to shock and impact and will withstand abuse that would easily break even a tough hickory handle. And, as an added benefit, is easily and cheaply replaced when finally worn out or broken from repeated throwing (NOTE: any handle can, and will, break eventually).

    Finally, to help protect its owner from its cutting edge and dangerously sharp spike, it comes with a patented Secure- Ex™ sheath that features a cleverly articulated design.

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    My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas... I like the way it feels when you grip the handle. The guard is easy to remove and it will with stand the sharp edges when banged around in the truck. When I use it for the first time I am sure I will give it the 5th star. It will be replacing two items in my truck as the primary edged weaponary.
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    bad ass axe...
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    By far the best tomahawk for its price for being built like a tank I can't find in any other tomahawk. I have used other tomahawks before from other companies, such as that cheap SOG tomahawk that broke the same day I pulled it out of the package. This is great for any survival kit and I'm considering on taking this with me for my military operations.
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    this hawk is huge. more of an axe than a tomahawk. very heavy to wield and swing. but that extra weight should give it a bigger 'punch'. Have not decided if I like it yet. would love to see it with a shorter handle, something similar to the Vietnam tomahawk.
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    Why not a 4.5" spike at the top, in line with the handle?
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