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    Blade Length: 18"
    Overall Length: 25 7/8"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 27.2 oz (approx.)
    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 7 7/8" Long. Polypropylene
    Sheath: Cor-Ex™ Sheath

    Derived from the sword used by Celtic tribes of ancient Iberia (Spain) and adopted by the Roman Legions, the Gladius, with its long, narrow point and wasp waisted blade, was the scourge of the battlefield and often the last thing seen or felt by Rome's enemies.

    Ever popular, the Gladius is still in demand almost 2000 years later and is one of our most frequently requested swords to make, so we have decided to offer a modern version of this ancient classic in a very affordable machete/sword format.

    Made from 1055 Carbon steel and hand sharpened to a murderous point and battle ready edge, it offers 19" of unprecedented piercing and slashing power at a bargain price.

    Sporting an extra wide, full tang for strength and a classically inspired handle, it offers the standard guard and ball shaped pommel of years gone by. Made of high impact Polyproplylne, it's impervious to the elements, rugged beyond belief and most importantly, comes compete with a sturdy Cor-Ex™ sheath and belt loop.

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    I just got the Gladius Machete between 4-7 days of delivery. I have to say that is indeed worth your money if you always wanted a low priced short sword. If anything else it's essentially to own a piece of history.
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    Have now purchased 2 of these machetes from Cold Steel. Wickedly sharp, dangerous piece of steel! Very high quality for a very reasonable price.
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    The Romans conquered the world with this sword, it was the standard sword for hundreds of years in the Roman empire. A sword design that with stands times,
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    The edge grind on my Gladius was "bench grinder" rough, but improved once I sharpened it. If the Romans had had access to this gladius, they would have bought it in quantity, and issued it widely.
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    I have purchased 4 different machetes, Gladius, Kopas, Kukri and 2 handed Katana along with my Highland Dirk. The quality and craftsmanship of all of these blades is excellent. I hope to be able to purchase a Grosse Messer some day. Thank you Lynn and all your craftsman at Cold Steel.
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