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    Suggested Retail: $47.99

    Blade Length: 19"
    Overall Length: 26"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 23.3 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2 mm
    Handle: 7" Long. Polypropylene

    The Kopis Machete is modeled closely on an ancient sword design that was held in high esteem by the Greeks, Romans, and Spaniards. This was because its uniquely shaped blade had the weight forward balance that was optimal for cutting and chopping, yet it retained a sharp useful point for thrusting as well. Our Kopis Machete is equipped with a traditional semi-D ring guard reinforced throughout by the steel tang and is delivered with a sturdy, thick nylon sheath.

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    I purchased two of these, for $9.99 I figured "Why not!". I like the machete, it's got a nice weight to it, the handle is comfortable and it chops OK. Granted, the chopping might be better if I were more aggressive, but I'm cautious; I don't want to cut myself. Anyways, I've got one in the back of my truck, the other out in the garage. The blades were not very sharp, I'll work on them. The sheath holds the machete tight, but I'm finding it a bit cumbersome to draw and re-sheath. Maybe over time and with more use the sheath might loosen up a bit and become smoother to re-sheath. There are three snaps to hold the machete in the sheath; two across the back of the blade, a third that goes over the handle to keep it pulled tight into the sheath. I did have trouble getting the third snap to close, but after working it I got it to snap. This is NOT a fast draw sheath! LOL, I know, it's a machete. But I figure any blade should come out of it's sheath quickly. Yes, I'm asking too much for this machete. The blade looks like it's painted black. Being carbon steel, once this coating wears off I would expect rust to become a problem. But again, it's a machete that's only $9.99!! Overall, I'm happy with this machete. I'm knocking off a star for the sheath, it seems "slow" to un-sheath and re-sheath the blade. But for $9.99 I think I got a good deal. Love Cold Steel knives! Their Pendleton Lite Hunter is a very nice little knife. I've given them for gifts and they're enjoyed by my friends. http://www.ltspecpro.com/Product/20SPH/PENDLETON_LITE_HUNTER.aspx LOL, lets face it, I have an obsession with knives, I've got WAY to many. Wait... that's not possible.
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    I bought two of these, one for my wife and the other for myself. Great deal for great product! We love them!!!
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    Just received my Kopis Machete. I am more than happy with my purchase!!!! The sheath alone is worth what I paid. The machete has a nice weight and grip to do some chopping. Im ready for the zombie apocalypse.
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    Its a great buy. A bit thinner than i thought but honestly doesn't bother me too much. The tip is needle sharp. The sheath is great and for RIGHT HAND ONLY. The ONLY thing that kind of bugged me was, that when it says utility edge, that means that they only put the angle on and covered the angle up with the coating, so its as dull as a stick when you get it, don't let this bother you because if you have the Smiths 2 step sharpener and spend 2 minutes with the carbide and 8 minutes with the ceramic side you will have a paper shaving edge
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    These are a great deal. I bought 50 of them and shared the deals with everyone I know.
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