All Terrain Chopper

All Terrain Chopper

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    Blade Length: 21 1/2"
    Overall Length: 30 1/2"
    Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
    Weight: 35.5 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 9" Long Polypropylene
    Sheath: Cor-Ex™

    The shining star of many of our recent performance tests, our new All Terrain Chopper will out-cut many Machetes, and even put some swords to shame! The sheer cutting power harnessed within the All Terrain Chopper's big, wide, slant-tipped, fully sharpened blade has to be seen to be believed! A well-placed swipe from this powerhouse of a machete will lay waste to almost any obstacle the wilderness may lay before you. Worn either slung over the shoulder or across the back in its weight-distributing carry sheath, the All Terrain Chopper is surprisingly comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time.

    Several of our crew members put our carry sheath to the test by wearing the All Terrain Chopper all day while working in our warehouse, training in our gym and going about their usual daily activities. Despite the size and heft of this Machete, all reported back that they found the All Terrain Chopper very easy to wear and that they quickly forgot they were even carrying it!Exhaustively field tested in Australia by Lynn C. Thompson the All Terrain Chopper proved to be a stalwart hunting and wilderness survival companion. More than just a machete, and the next best thing to an axe, it packed astonishing chopping power into an easy to carry package.

    A great addition to a load out, the All Terrain Chopper delivers superb performance when you need it.

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    I was looking for something just like this and Cold Steel delivered. I was looking for a low cost, low maintance, alternative to a Chinese War Sword or a Katana that I wouldn't mind putting through its paces. Initially, I was decieved by the low price, half expecting low quality workmanship, I was ecstatic at the quality of product I recieved. This is a large, hefty machete that seems very well made. It holds nicely in the hand, the grip long enough for two-handed work to get those powerful chops. The grip material has small horizontal ribs on the front and back of the grip aligning with the blade. The sides are more of a checkered pattern. Both seem to work together to hold in the hand well. The bottom of the grip has a protruding lip to ensure the machete stays in your grasp. The blade is angled directing the heft of the blade outward. The first inch and a half of the blade is pointed enough for some minor thrusting. Then the widest part of the blade creates a sweet spot about an inch and a half from the tip and going down the blade about 6 or 7 inches. This design brings me to its big drawback, this tool is difficult to deploy quickly. The sheath is made of a thick nylon. It's reinforced along the edges that carries it well. The drawback is the angled design of the blade creates the need for the sheath to be angled as well. To address this, the sheath has a total of three snaps, two holding the blade and one for the handle that you must undo to deploy this tool. I have been pondering a better design idea, but so far have not come up with a suitable answer. Overall, this machete is heavy duty and built and feels like it will last through whatever you could put it through. The heft to it may be a drawback to some who are used to a lighter blade. I am a big strong guy and like that extra weight to take me through the toughest chops. This tool is not the prettiest thing in the world. It is not designed to be. It is designed to be a devastatingly effective tool. This is by far the best made Machete that I have ever seen. It will probably last long past my lifetime. This is my favorite Cold Steel product. So I bought two and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    Fernley, NV
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    I cant believe this monster of a machete has not been reviewed by anyone owning this beast. As soon as I held this instrument of destruction in my hands, I was in awe. The handle is comfortable and secure grip. The weight of the blade is what drives it's razor edge thru all that stands in its way. the sheath for the all terrain chopper is a dream to wear, VERY comfortable and no strain from a long days wear. This chopper truly rivals some of my favorite swords, and should not be overlooked by any COLD STEEL fan or machete collector. Get it, and WILL be your new favorite I guarantee. Shane Hester
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    just got my All Terrain Chopper it is excellent condition well made as is the sheath. But in my own opinion it could be somewhat sharper not saying its not but i like my stuff real sharp all in all its a excellent product...
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    My 3-star rating is based on my first impression, having received it moments ago.

    First off, this thing is HUGE. Much, much longer than I expected - broader as well. Since I am looking for a tool to approximate a "corn knife," I expect I'll be trimming a good deal off the length and squaring the tip some.

    The 'corn knife' I'm replacing had a shorter blade - 16-18" - and was of much thinner stock. The blade of the corn knife was made stiff by a single embossed rib, running along the length of the spine.

    Along those lines, the 'corn knife' had a rounded end to a shorter handle. This facilitated a 'snap cut,' as you would use with a kukri.

    At the same time as this order, I ordered the 'heavy machete, which I expect will perform closer to what I desire.

    I'll post again, after I have some field use. #-star rating is subject to change.
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