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    Standard #95BUSK$35.99 
    Bowie Point #95BBUSK$32.99

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    Suggested Retail: $41.99

    Blade Length: 7"
    Overall Length: 12 1/4"
    Steel: SK-5 High Carbon
    Weight: 10.1 oz
    Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
    Handle: Hollow
    Sheath: NEW Secure-Ex® Sheath With Ferrocerium Fire Steel

    For the money, the Bushman® knives might be the strongest survival/outdoor knives in the world! Unlike most hollow handled survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles that requires a mechanical fastener. Instead, the Bushman's® blades and integral handles are each expertly cold forged out of a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel. The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54 and, when subjected to our tests, have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition!

    Every Bushman® blade has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then honed and buffed by hand until razor sharp. The Bushman® knives are versatile too! Their hollow handles will accept survival supplies or a variety of handle extensions which can maximize reach, leverage or ease of throwing. They are available in two blade styles (standard and our new Bowie point). Both feature continuously curved blades that are ideal for skinning, and will pierce, cut, slash, slice and shear like you won't believe.

    Both Bushman knives come complete with our new Secure-Ex™ sheath which features a Ferrocerium Fire Steel; strike it on the spine of the blade and start a roaring campfire in no time!.

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    I bought several of each style of the Bushman survival knives and am extremely impressed.
    Tough and able to withstand even ridiculous abuse chopping wood or dressing out game, it stays sharp and shows no indications of material stress limitations.
    Good balance and ideal weight make it easy to use without hand fatigue.
    Just love the hollow handle which can accept a spear or handle with ease and allow it to become a more versatile defense weapon or pig-sticker, should the necessity or opportunity present itself.
    I am very impressed with this and have given several as gifts to very appreciative friends and relatives.

    Keep building them this way !! Great knives.
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    I bought a Bowie Bushman a couple years ago and it's never let me down. I would love to get the new sheath though. Are they available for purchase by themselves?
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    I bought my bushman well over 10 years ago. I have carried it a long, long time and distance. It is the most useful thing I have owned for camping and hiking, with the exception of maybe TP. I have used and abused it. It still stays sharp and is not bent. The finish is wearing and I have put a few dings in the edge, but I would not trade you mine for two new ones. I like the new sheath and may buy one, but I do like my old mountain man style too as it carries well. I wanted to write a review and tell those younger guys that there may be prettier knives out there, but there ain't one better. Not in my opinion.

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    People look for a lot of things in a knife, and I'll be honest, this isn't the only thing I' bring into the woods with me. I wouldn't want to hand carve decorative wooden tokens out of it, and it's a bit of overkill when it comes to opening a package of bologna. This is a big knife and it's great for several reasons.

    1: solid thick blade, unlikely to bend of break, holds its edge.
    2: works well for splitting wood with a baton
    3: one piece construction, no weak points, no slow loosening over the years
    4: hollow handle CAN hold a few items, but you can also use it for the spear shaft as shown in the video above.
    5: well balanced for throwing
    6: both the old and new sheath allow for coverage when converted into a spear.
    7: finish protects the unsharpened portion from rust, so if you're using it and sharpening it with some honing oil, you'll have no problems keeping this blade until you've ground it to oblivion

    So personally I carry this blade, a smaller multi-tool blade, and then Cold Steel's Special Forces shovel, and I've never had a situation that I couldn't handle in the woods.

    In my opinion, this is the most versatile and effective knife in the world. At this price, you should easily be willing to give it a try.
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    Gave one of these to my nephew last year. He's a Knife Nut like me. When I pulled out the box with no wrapping on it, I looked for his reaction. His eyes were as big as dinner plates! I gave the box to him so he could do the honors. His jaw dropped when he opened it! "It's Huge!" his mother said. I said "Yes, but that ain't all that's cool about it!" Then I read him everything that was in the description in your catalog. I made him watch the video too! Then I said "So now that you know all about it, don't cut yourself. If you do, I'm taking it away from you!!" I have heard many stories of it being tortured since then! He's tried to break it just to see if he could.... Good luck kid! I'm very happy with my Shanghai Shadow. Also a knife that's indestructible!! All of my Cold Steel knives have worked WAY past my expectations. I have gotten rid of most of my other knives because I now have no use for them!!
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